sheep landscape oil painting by william henry mander british fl 18801922

Sheep Landscape Oil Painting By William Henry Mander British Fl 1880-1922


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Large Oil Painting on canvas of Sheep in a landscape by W H Mander (British,fl 1880-1922)
Generously rendered with a painterly bravado and with great perspective and richness of colour.
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Sheep are shorn in all seasons, depending on the climate, management requirements and the availability of a woolclasser and shearers. Ewes are normally shorn prior to lambing in the warmer months, but consideration is typically made as to the welfare of the lambs by not shearing during cold climate winters. However, in high country regions, pre lamb shearing encourages ewes to seek shelter among the hillsides so that newborn lambs aren't completely exposed to the elements. Shorn sheep tolerate frosts well, but young sheep especially will suffer in cold, wet windy weather (even in cold climate summers). In this event they are shedded for several nights until the weather clears. Some sheep may also be shorn with stud combs commonly known as cover combs which leave more wool on the animal in colder months, giving greater protection.
William Henry Mander was a Birmingham landscape painter who painted views in the Midlands and North Wales in a style similar to the late manner of Benjamin Williams Leader.
Indeed he was so taken with North Wales that he moved from the Midlands to Dollgelau in 1899 where he lived for five years before moving to Lincoln. Shortly after he moved to Sheffield before returning to his native Birmingham in 1907.
Between 1881 and 1914 he exhibited regularly at the R.B.S.A. one hundred and twenty two works in all, landscapes, rural scenes and river scenes. Titles included Scene near Trefriw, North Wales (1898) and Stepping Stones in the Conway (1899).
Year of Creation Late 19th Century Approx 1880- 1890
Movement and Style : Realist
Very Good Order Throughout.
Height; 36 in. x Width 46 in x Depth 4 in.
(H 91.44 cm x W 116.84 cm x D 10.16 cm )
UK Mainland Cost 150
(By Fine Art Mover / Allow 7-10 Days)
Worldwide : USA 400 / Europe 300
Payments Accepted By Bank Transfer & Debit / Credit Cards
PAY-PAL Or CHEQUES Drawn From Uk Accounts
Internal Ref: CLC/035


Height = 97 cm (38")
Width = 117 cm (46")
Depth = 10 cm (4")

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