17th century portrait of a lady c1637 english school oil paintings

17th Century Portrait Of A Lady C1637 English School Oil Paintings



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A remarkable opportunity to acquire a rare example of an early 17th century Baroque oil portrait.... signed bottom right - ' Jo: Parker pinxit, anno dom 1637 ' 'Aetatis Suae .22. ' Which translated means 'Painted by Joseph Parker in the year of our Lord 1637 ' 'At the age of 22 '
The 'age of 22' relates to the young lady not the artist...
This is a fabulous and very rare 383 year old early portrait on canvas of a young lady which is full of contemporary symbolism..... and to further put into perspective the historical period, this portrait was painted a full 5 years prior to the commencement of the English Civil War.
During the 17th century art historians will tell you about the 'fashion' for depicting 'Temporality' in paintings.... the first and obvious artefact denoting this is the silver pocket watch on the table next to our young lady. This is a direct symbol for the passing of time and is very much connected to the 'decay' of life in general. The transition from the start of the 17th century to the latter part is notable - artists moved forward during the century depicting fruit bruised and rotting with insects and flies present which was in stark contrast to the earlier depictions of the beauty of still life pictures consisting of fabulous blossoming flowers and baskets of asparagus (Caravaggio).....
In this particular work the lady is quite clearly pregnant with her hands resting on her 'bump' and the watch ticking away - either waiting for the birth or perhaps waiting for the return of her husband... or both.
She is showing us her hands but her wedding ring is not on a finger which is most unusual - it is on a string around her neck - meaning either that her husband has deserted her and she is keeping the wedding ring just in case of a reconciliation or he's a soldier and has been killed in battle or lost at sea...(The Thirty Years war was raging in Europe at this time) but she can't bear to let the ring go....
So several interpretations but the overriding fact is that she looks rather apprehensive even allowing for the fact that she is clearly a member of a well off family - her clothes are of fine quality - ... her demeanour almost certainly means that she will be a 'single' mother and if it is her husband that has been lost tragically then this portrait could have been commissioned as a mark of respect and of remembrance for him...
One possibly significant event took place during 1637 which might have a tenuous bearing on our portrait here - this year saw the collapse of the 'Tulip Mania' bubble in the Netherlands which resulted in formerly wealthy families facing ruin with huge numbers of bankruptcies and many suicides.... This work does appear however to be of English origin but that doesn't necessarily mean the lady's husband wasn't affected collaterally in some way.
The fact is that some of these speculations are probably accurate but in truth we really have no real idea of what has happened....
Exquisitely painted - look at the lacework - the shadows around the cuffs are superbly executed and the green silk dress and bows are very finely composed. The lace collar is particularly impressive.
The ideal 'Manor House' work of art and a glorious window on history....
A superlative large rare oil and hugely impressive statement piece - especially showing us an early silver pocket watch - in exceptional order and ready to hang - extremely well looked after with minimal restoration over the years - no condition issues.
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Height 46 In hes ( 117 cm ) x Width 39 Inches ( 99 cm )
Very Good Commensurate with 383 years of age ( One Old Patch Repair Verso)
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Height = 117 cm (46")
Width = 99 cm (39")
Depth = 4 cm (2")

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