king charles i after van dyck 18thc oil portrait royal paintings

King Charles I After Van Dyck 18thc Oil Portrait Royal Paintings


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I am delighted to be able to offer for sale this stunning large scale late 18th century oil portrait on canvas ď After The Original ď which was first painted by Van Dyck in 1632 as his first commission following appointment
as the Court Painter to Charles I and the work showcased his skilful propaganda.
It shows Charles and his Queen, Henrietta Maria of France, with their two eldest children, Prince Charles, later King Charles II, standing before his father and Princess Mary in her mother's arms. In the background we glimpse a silhouetted view of Parliament House, Westminster Hall and possibly the Clock Tower.
The original painting was known as The Greate Peece at the time and Charles hung it prominently in the Palace at Whitehall. What sets the picture apart from other paintings of the period is the apparently effortless way in which Van Dyck seemed able to combine the formal demands of official state portraiture with the informalities of family domesticity. Its size, the acres of shimmering silk and the grand classical column lend the image official gravity. Yet at the same time the King and Queen are seated, Charles has placed his crown on one side and two tiny dogs play between the royal couple. The composition is in essence, a royal conversation piece of a kind that was to be perfected by Johann Zoffany in the mid-18th century.
The influences that are at work in such a painting reveal the true level of Van Dyck as an artist. Only Rubens and Velazquez treated royal sitters with such apparent nonchalance and insight, while the warm colours and dramatic sky bespeak a profound knowledge of Titian. It is interesting to note that the condition of the painting gave cause for concern as early as 1676 because Van Dyck had applied an unusual priming to the canvas.
The original painting appears in Pyne's illustrated 'Royal Residences', hanging in the Queen's Presence Chamber at Windsor Castle.
Painted for Charles I. Sold after the King's execution but recovered at the Restoration
and later restored to the Royal Collection.
Charles I, who had rickets as a child, appears to have overcome his physical infirmity.
He is depicted in this painting as having natural dynastic charm and regal power.
Framed in front of a monumental column (a technique Van Dyck borrowed directly from Titian), his position as monarch is strengthened.
Henrietta Maria looks at him lovingly as he confronts us with a steady gaze. Parliament is silhouetted in the background, reinforcing the idea of his power over Westminster.
The crown, orb and sceptre by his heirís head emphasise the dynasty, but there remains an informal tenderness to the portrait ó in, for example, the way the son touches his fatherís knee. Tiny dogs scamper at their feet. The piece has the dual function of being both an official state portrait and a royal conversation piece.
Art for Charles I was a means of gaining regal publicity. In the sheer breadth of his tastes and the exceptional quality of the pictures in this exhibition, there is a pervading, tangible recognition that it was also, ultimately, his passion.
Very Good Order after careful cleaning and restoration, re-leafing of frame
Set within the original swept decorative gilt frame
UK : By Fine Art Courier ( Allow 7 Days ) £150
WORLDWIDE : Europe ( Allow 7 Days ) £375
USA & Asia (Allow 7-10 Days ) £475
Height: 48 Inches ( 122 cm )
Width : 42 Inches ( 106 cm )
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Height = 122 cm (48")
Width = 106 cm (42")
Depth = 7 cm (3")

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